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STRAYZY With #0.00 on your mtn line u can now surf the net using Slow DNS.
Just follow the simple steps and you are good to go.

Make sure to Use your default phone APN.

After that open your SLOW DNS and set as follow:

• Dont touch the first and second box, move to third
box and select any free server of your choice

• on the forth box you will see something of this
nature DNS-1 IP delete it and input this

• tick on "Keep changing source port" and also tick on "Binary Query" and connect.

After that wait for the proper authentication
and client configuration.
Once it connects you are good. Just continue surfing but don't download because you must have an upgrade to tunnel premium server.
Keep surfing the net for free. Drop comment for clarifications.
2015-11-10 21:11 · Reply · (0)

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