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Name:Awucha Ezekiel Onyenaturuchukwu
Nicknames: Ezzyboy
Birthday: June 6th 1996
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
City: Bende
State: Abia
Country: NIGERIA
Qualification: Certified in Desktop Publishing, Graphics Art and Design, Wapmaster and Webmastering
School: University of WebMasters
Religion: Christianity
Friends: Weezywap, Stevendie, Graham, Donsia, Zico, Povilas and Zukerberg.
Quote: No matter what you face in life, always trust God...
Mission: To Inform, Educate and Empower Youths of our nation Nigeria...
Soccer Club: Lol.. I dont watch Football rather i sleep on my laptop...
Hobbies:Blogging, Designing, Programming Softwares, Reading, Chatting, Browsing, Web Designing and playing Video Games
Occupation: Blogger, Student, Professional Web Designer, Professional Graphics Designer and Computer Teacher. Enjoy my website... *Winks*
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