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Lol... This Baby cries every time her parents kiss! (VIDEO)


this baby is freaking jealous after her parents filmed her crying every time they kissed.

Krissy and Matt Hanneken from Glen Burnie, Maryland, demonstrated how each time they touched lips their daughter Ella's eyes would well up in distress.

Ella, who was being held in the arms of her mother, appeared to be content until her parents locked lips.

The moment they stopped kissing, Ella started crying until she was soothed by a kiss on each of her cheeks by her parents.

When they kiss a second time, Ella again shows visible signs of distress.

Its funny but sweet video has been watched 13 million times on Facebook and shared by more than 135,000 users.

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Created at 2016-10-22
Tags: Jokes , news
Posted by:Ezzyboy
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