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Ladies - What Would You Do in This Ugly Situation? (Photo)

This one is for the ladies!!!

A guy who proposed and you accepted. He said he would marry you next month and was traveling next tomorrow. He requested for sex. Initially you refused because you were a virgin and he persuaded saying after all he will soon marry you. You still refused. He forced you and raped you. You got pregnant. He said he was not ready. He traveled and never contacted you. You were humiliated, thrown out of your parents home. You suffered and cried to God for many years and miraculously, your son gets scholarship to read medicine abroad. Your son is now a Medical Doctor in US. You are to join him permanently in US next month and one morning, your ex fiancee, rapist and father of your son comes knocking at your door for forgiveness, will you open the door and forgive him?

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Created at 2016-10-04
Tags: celebrity , Gist
Posted by:Ezzyboy
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