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A University Of Ibadan Final Year Student Dies (Pictured)

With deep regret, I announce the sudden death of a fellow friend, brother, comrade Israel Adeyoju a 400L student of the department of Educational Management Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan.

He has been ill for months now and was been referred to the University College Hospital UCH for a surgical operation. Due to the love students had for him, students moved from one hall of residence to another to raise fund to save this bright and promising student.

Dear Uites
Thanks for the money
Thanks for the prayer
Thanks for being there
Thanks for everything

You have tried all your possible best preventing Israel from dying

No matter how much money we contribute, only God can save any soul.....

No matter how hard doctors try, only Almighty can heal....

Who are we to blame God for taking him from us?

Who are we to challenge God that what he has done isn't right?

Who are we to say, "it shouldn't have been ISRAEL" ?

I was hoping to graduate with my friend ...
I was hoping to leave UI without losing any friend....
I was hoping that Israel would get well and join us sooner....


Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

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Created at 2016-09-27
Tags: EDUCATION , Gist , news
Posted by:Ezzyboy
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