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See List Of Things You Need And Don't Need In An Higher Institution

We are in the "new session" season if i'm not making a mistake. Admission lists are being released here and there, students are already saddling their horses. Good, congrats to all of you or rather "them".

Here are lists of things you don't need in higher institution.

1. Unnecessarily expensive stuffs: if you are not investing in any of your belongings then they don't need to be too expensive. don't buy em just to show em off, they'll be stolen, you'll be a target and your mind will be divided. Check out someone who's in 100lvl with Iphone 7, laptop worth over 250k, fancy clothes and everything. they'll not be the same when any of them gets stolen or missing. But if you make everything simple i.e buying less flashy/costly so long they do what you want them to do, you're good to go.

2. Friends(many): please when you resume , dive straight into your books/studies and not into making new friends, trust me you'll have a lot of time to do that but not in your early days ind higher institutions. Some schools have a way of flushing out students whose performance are poor in their early years(not everybody makes it to final year), and many students who unfortunately fall under this category are those with tonnes of friends who are of no good. they know how to flex and you'll follow suite anytime they are going out, some of these folks have their future already planned out by their parent and them getting kicked out of school has no effect on it. So be very careful in making friends, if that person will not help you achieve great things then fashi them.

3. Comfortable apartments: Students who don't have refrigerators, flat-screen hdtv, air conditioners, satellite dishes in their rooms at home will want to install them in their rooms in school. wtf is that? you'll see them going extra miles(sleeping around) to acquire them.when they finally do they'll become too comfortable to even think of their future, ladies will make their home theirs, their home will turn to flexing joint. My dear friend you don't want to be them. live a simple life, a fan is okay for ventilation, a laptop is okay for visual entertainment and study. you don't fvcking need a fridge nah. you are a student, get your cold stuffs where your mates are getting theirs from, don't be too comfortable now else you'll forget that you're supposed to build your future..

4. life partners: yes i said it.. you don't need a fiancee or whatever is close to that. mostly they'll be distractions. you'll see a nigga in class reading a textbook alone(he's doing good cos you see him occasionally flipping em pages), but when his diva shows up and that's the end, study is over, they'll chat till the girl says "i'm going back to the hostel, escort me". the guy will not object, he'll pack up and follow his mistress. i've heard a girl say "i don't study in class, i enjoy studying in my room instead", and guess what, she came to visit her boy who was studying in class, who prefers studying in class, who needs not be disturbed cos he's studying. please face your studies, and let GOD find your life partner for you.

These are the few i've got under this category, feel free to add yours.

NOW!! list of things you need.

1. GOD: trust me you need him by your side to destroy whatever your enemies has placed for you. not everybody out there is human, so you need him to take control and protect you.

2. Food: Buy enough food with your pocket money, you don't want to study when you're hungry and don't have food, cos you've probably spent all your money and you've ran out of foodstuff cos you bought little and thought you'll survive on cash.

3. Android phone or a laptop: both should be of moderate price, so you'll be able to access em E-Books that'll be flying around.

4. Good Clothing so you'll at least look responsible.

5. Friends(few good few): you need the ones that'll help you succeed that's all.

6. Headphones: you need em loud music when you're feeling down, when you're in a noisy class and you need to study( organised noise(music) is better than unorganized ones, trust me.

that's all i have for now, feel free to add yours.

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Created at 2016-09-26
Tags: EDUCATION , Gist
Posted by:Ezzyboy
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