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December is Here (Claim Our New Month Prayers for You)

As you enter this glorious month of December, below are our wishes for you May your heart desires be granted
May you be above only and never below May you receive favour on every side

Remember to stay focused on your dreams Don’t give up, don’t let down Don’t lose faith in yourself
Remember you are a winner not a loser God has created you uniquely for a purpose Keep that purpose in focus this month….

…and For Every Hands that Type “AMEN” may He or She Never Lack
(1) Peace
(2) Money
(3) Love
(4) Joy
(5) Blessing
(6) Care
(7) Happiness
(8) Good Health
(9) Long Life
Type “AMEN” To Claim this,
& Like or Share.

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Created at 2015-12-01
Tags: Dialoaded
Posted by:Ezzyboy
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